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We're currently closed.Opening Hours today: 15:00 – 20:00
We're currently closed.Opening Hours today: 15:00 – 20:00
Auhof Center, Bauteil West, 2. OG Albert Schweitzer Gasse 6, 1140 Wien

Frequently Asked Questions

Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult chaperone, who attends free of charge!
Children from 8 to 13 years old are allowed to visit Tiger’s World alone – however, a consent form must be submitted before the visit!

View the consent form Download the consent form

General Questions

From what age is a child allowed to experience Tiger’s World Action?

Children 6 years old and up will have fantastic and fun time at Tiger’s World.

Must a liability waiver be signed?

To enable maximum fun for all of our guests, admission to Tiger’s World is conditional upon your acceptance of our internal rules and code of conduct. Our general Terms & Conditions are viewable at the entrance and on our website (see AGBs, in German only).

How does one pay for Tiger’s World?

You can pay on site with your bank card (MAESTRO) or in cash. Of course, we also accept “Auhof Center Wert-Gutscheine” (Auhof Center vouchers).

Are unaccompanied children allowed to visit Tiger’s World?

Children aged 8 and up are allowed to enjoy Tiger’s World on their own, however we require written consent from each child’s parent or legal guardian. You can download a consent form for this purpose on our website here or under AGBs (Terms & Conditions).

Einverständiserklärung anzeigen
Download Einverständiserklärung.pdf Please fill out the form completely, sign it and bring it to us when you accompany your child on his or her first Tiger’s World visit.

What clothing is suitable for action at Tiger’s World?

Sporty clothing is the best way to enjoy, however no special sports gear is needed. Comfy pants and a shirt are optimal for your visit. Take along an extra shirt, perhaps, so you won’t get a chill afterwards 😉

How come I need special Tiger’s non-slip socks?

For safety and sanitary reasons, non-slip socks or gymnastics slippers are required to be worn. You can get Tiger’s World non-slip socks for € 2,90/pair at check-in.

Is there a coat-check space?

Just past the Tiger’s World check-in entrance is a cloakroom with lockers secured by your green CHIP-key armband. If two guests use the same locker, be sure to use the same CHIP armband to lock and unlock it 😉

In the cold-weather months, we kindly request those who drive to and park at the Auhof Center to leave their large overcoats behind in the car, so that our guests who arrive by public transportation can find a large enough locker.

We take reasonable measures to keep this area secure, however we cannot assume any liability for your personal items and valuables!

Why do I need a CHIP armband as an entrance pass?

It’s important for us to manage fair use by all Tiger’s World visitors, so each guest receives a CHIP armband at check-in in order to access and enjoy all areas of the indoor action park.

The CHIP-armband records the amount of time spent at Tiger’s World for which each guest will be charged.

Must I come at a specific time?

Come whenever you’d like while we’re open (click here for our opening hours)! At check-in, each visitor receives a CHIP armband that grants access to all areas in Tiger’s World.

We look forward to your visit!

How am I charged for my visit?

A minimum of a half-hour (trial action time) is the base fee, then each additional half-hour is charged extra! You can find special offers on our website under “Prices.” So that you’re not charged for time spent in the locker room or at check-out, 10 minutes is always subtracted from your total visit time! Entry and exit times are recorded by your CHIP armband -> Fair use!

Are “little” (pre-school) brothers and sisters allowed in Tiger’s World, too?

In the Tiger’s Lounge, parents/chaperones can keep their eyes on the “big” kids in the Action Zones as well as the “little ones” in the adjacent play area.

The Tiger’s World ActionFun Zones are appropriate for school-age kids. So that families with younger kiddies can all share in the fun, we provide a small play area in the Tiger’s Lounge (see photo).

Is auto parking available?

The Auhof Center has a large underground garage.
You can find the current parking rates and terms on the Auhof Center’s website.

Is there a separate charge for each attraction?

There are no extra charges for using any of the various play zones. During periods of high activity, time in the climbing zone may be limited, so that everyone can have the chance to use this area -> the Fair-Use principle at Tiger’s World!

Can differently abled persons play in Tiger’s World?

Of course! All Tiger’s World facilities are accessible to people with physical challenges. Please understand, however, that full use some of the play areas may be limited. The escort shall receive complimentary admission!

Are Tiger’s World play areas safe for guests?

Safety is our highest priority! Our guidelines and code of conduct are written to ensure the safety of all our guests. All of our technical equipment is verified as SAFE by TÜV AUSTRIA. Our technology vendors are among Europe’s leading providers and they service our facilities regularly. Trained personnel on site help to ensure that all of our guests have an amazing experience.

Drinks and snacks at Tiger’s World?

Guests of all ages are offered beverages and snacks in the Tiger’s Lounge. The lounge also provides Wi-Fi and is acoustically insulated from the ActionFun Zones! Both ActionFun and RelaxTime are possible for all!

In cooperation with our Auhof Center catering partners, we also offer our guests various menu options (pizza, burger, etc.) – ActionFun & party & food, all in the Auhof Center entertainment area!

Tiger´s World Party

How does a Tiger’s World Party function?

The party rooms are made available for 2 hours per party. Please arrive before your reserved starting time, so that we can check you in and out smoothly! Don’t worry, ten minutes of the time you spend checking in and hanging up your coats will be deducted from the total visit time you are charged!

Every room is equipped with multimedia instructional aids (video monitors) and of course these can be used free of charge.

A full tummy will limit one’s full enjoyment of the ActionFun Park adventure. Therefore, we recommend using the first part of the event to take on the challenges of Tiger’s World and then, on your say so, we’ll serve the guests a well-deserved cake a bit later in the party room.

The Tiger’s World Team always wants you to have a great time!

What’s included in the Tiger’s birthday party package?

The birthday-party package includes:
– 2 hours of Action Time for all participants during which all Action Zones can be used
– Use of a dedicated party room during these 2 hours
– Cake for all guests
– Drinks for all guests (0.5ℓ per person)
– Place settings for all guests

The birthday child is our honored guest! He or she, as well as 2 adult chaperones, celebrate free of charge. Each additional adult chaperone pays the standard party price.

Although the room must be vacated at the end of the reserved party time, the guests can continue to enjoy the common Tiger’s World areas. The extra action time will be FAIRLY added to your total charges at checkout!

How does one pay for a Tiger’s World party?

After you are given access to the party room, contact one of our employees to arrange the next steps (delivery of the cake, etc.) and the on-site payment.

When can I book a party?

How about right now? Just send us your request directly by e-mail to [email protected] or or fill out the a href=”/party/partybuchen?lang=en”>party-inquiry form – we’ll get right back to you and finalize the booking details.

What times are available for parties?

Partys zu Ferien und Feiertagen bitte direkt bei uns anfragen – Danke!

Our party rooms can be reserved for any of the following two-hour time slots:

Mon. – Thu.: 3:30 – 5:30 pm
Fri.: 3:30 – 5:30 pm or 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Sat. – Sun.: 10:00 – noon; 12:30 – 2:30 pm; 3:00 – 5:00 pm; or 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Although the room must be vacated at the end of the reserved time slot, the guests can continue to enjoy the common Tiger’s World areas. The extra action time will be fairly added to your total charges at checkout!

If you are interest in booking a party during school or public holidays, please contact us directly, thank you!

Can I book a party online?

Of course! Click here for our online inquiry form, or simply send an e-mail to [email protected].

Can other food and beverages be custom ordered?

Yes, we can work with our catering partners to provide you with a custom menu option. Please let us know your special needs and wishes.

Can I bring my own food, beverages, or birthday cake, to a party?

Sorry, no outside food or drink is permitted to be brought into our IndoorActionFun park facility.

How many guests are required for a party-room booking?

Our two standard rooms accommodate a minimum of six guests (plus the birthday child).
Our larger room accommodates a minimum of 10 guests (plus the birthday child).

For smaller groups (fewer than six guests), we can provide a party table on our balcony.

Is there an activities program during the party?

During the party, all of the action areas can be independently used.

Each action area is staffed by a Tiger’s World COACH, who’ll answer any questions and give guests tips and tricks to guarantee their maximum enjoyment.

Other kinds of animators (such as a trainer, a magician, etc.) are not provided during the party.


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